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Trinity Capital INVESTMENTS

Below are the basic Trinity Capital rates. All investment packages are open initially, so you can work with them at any time. We accept deposits 24 hours a day.

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We continue to research and improve technologies for the development of mining equipment.
Investments will be directed to:
  • development of new equipment
  • development of the staff
  • opening of new farms

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3 levels of affiliate program

  • 8%1 level
  • 4%2 level
  • 1%3 level
Use the affiliate program and get up to 10% of your referrals' investments
01 Register on the website sign up
02 Copy the referral link from your personal account get link
03 Choose an affiliate
choose marketing

Bonus program

Make a turn of line 1 1000$ bonus 100$
Make a turn of line 1 3500$ bonus 300$
Make a turn of line 1 5000$ bonus 450$
Make a turn of line 1 8000$ bonus 1000$
Make a turn of line 1 13000$ bonus 1500$
Make a turn of line 1 25000$ bonus 3000$
Make a turn of line 1 50000$ bonus 5000$

Representative program

Everyone who wants to become our representative and earn money for advertising Trinity Capital, we offer to join the representative program. It is available to all investors who have the required deposit on their account.

If you have a special offer for us, please contact us.
Working with Trinity Capital, you will earn up to 10% of our referral program from each of your partners' investments. 13% Join

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