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Trinity – a decentralized and secure cryptocurrency

A platform for investing in the new Trinity cryptocurrency with daily dividends and an affiliate program. Sign up
12229$ BTC/USD
779$ ETH/USD
0.23$ XRP/USD
2.13$ TCL/USD
Monthly earnings from 12%
Mining amount cryptocurrency 13$
Equipment developed 14

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For our investors

Trinity is a new coin open for investment. Anyone who wants to make money from cryptocurrency can join us. Because of its high performance, the coin will rank at the top of exchanges and will make it into MetaMask in the future. You have an opportunity to become one of the first investors and earn big profits.


For our partners

We have developed a multi-level referral program for our partners. Attract investors and earn up to 10% of their deposits.


About Trinity Capital

Trinity Capital is the developer of the open source Trinity cryptocurrency, which is available to all investors.

Our goal is to build an affordable and highly liquid cryptocurrency that everyone can afford. Trinity is building a new secure system of capital circulation with sophisticated smart contracts for supply chain management and decentralized transactions.

To improve security and efficiency, we've engaged developers from the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and small, innovative crypto startups.

Trinity produces excellent performance on exchanges, while being as easy to handle as possible. Therefore, it is suitable for expert crypto investors as well as beginners.

More detailed
Official registration of TRINITY CAP INV LTD 14786990 CHECK
Working around the clock support You will be attached a personal manager, who at any time will help solve problems with the functionality of the site or exchanger.
Quick withdrawal of funds The coin is highly liquid, so the first dividends from the investment you get the very next day. Withdrawal of funds is carried out automatically, and after processing of your application, the money will be immediately credited to your account.
Guaranteed Payouts Trinity is an official cryptocurrency which is traded on exchanges. Its security and reliability is comparable to Ethereum and Ripple.
Good terms The starting price of Trinity is affordable for most investors. To increase the liquidity of the coin on the market, its condition is constantly monitored by experts from the field of mining and cryptanalysis.

Company address TRINITY CAP INV LTD

32 Central Road, Leeds, England, LS1 6DE

Referral program

Connect to the Trinity referral program and earn additional income from each investment made by your referrals of up to 10%. The program is fully open and every Trinity Capital partner can join it.

  • 8%1 level
  • 4%2 level
  • 1%3 level

Representative program


Bonus program

Detailed information about the operation of the bonus program is located in the table below.
Make a turn of line 1 1000$ bonus 100$
Make a turn of line 1 3500$ bonus 300$
Make a turn of line 1 5000$ bonus 450$
Make a turn of line 1 8000$ bonus 1000$
Make a turn of line 1 13000$ bonus 1500$
Make a turn of line 1 25000$ bonus 3000$
Make a turn of line 1 50000$ bonus 5000$
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total payouts: 53283.10$

Guaranteed Payouts

Trinity is an official cryptocurrency that is traded on international exchanges. Its security and reliability is comparable to Ethereum and Ripple.
  • Maximum decentralization Because of Trinity's structure, there is no single server where transactions take place. Information is broken down into hundreds of pieces and stored in encrypted form, making any transactions anonymous. No one, including the owner of the server, can get your data.
  • Authorization The security of the Trinity Capital service is built on the automatic deletion of authorization codes after use. Thanks to this, only you will have access to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can other members of my family register accounts?

Of course, but remember the previous rule. In some cases the administration reserves the right to verify the accounts of the whole family.

What questions can I address to the support?

Any questions related to withdrawals and deposits, how the site operates as well as technical issues.

When will the investment begin to recover?

The payback is specified in the investment package.

Do you have extra earning possibilities?

Of course, you can invite an unlimited number of referrals and get a percentage of their income. We also have a representative program for top investors who can earn extra income by advertising us. In addition, we hold regular contests and promotions, which will allow you to increase the dividends from your investments

How long does it take to withdraw funds?

It depends on the system load. For example, at the end of the month, when most investors withdraw their funds, withdrawals may take up to 48 hours.

How do I become an investor at Trinity Capital?

All you have to do is register, choose an investment plan and make a deposit. Then all the features of our service will be available to you, and you will start receiving dividends.

My account was hacked, what should I do?

Contact support and we will help you restore access to your account. Do not contact third parties who offer to restore access.

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